Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

every cloud has a silver lining…

About a month ago I was supposed to meet a friend and of course I had lost track of time and realized that if I didn’t leave in 5 minutes I would be so late and the worst.friend.ever. I frantically went in my bathroom trying to find some black eyeliner to disguise the fact that I hadn’t put on fresh makeup and I found a really old silver-y grey eyeliner that I had bought years ago. I ended up lining the inside of my bottom lids with that and *voila* instant fabulousness. It has the same eye brightening effect as using white liner without the shocking intensity of, well, stark white. The image above is of Urban Decay’s Glide On pencil in Dime. I think their Gunmetal will also work – it just has a bit more grey in it.
You can pick ‘em up at
Sephora or

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