Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

get ‘em while you can!

There are two *unsigned* bands in NY right now that I think aught to be snapped up ASAP. Aside from them both being from here in NY they both have a common theme of having tinges of My Bloody Valentine coursing through their musical veins.

The first is The Pains of Being Pure at Heart which effortlessly take one back to the early-to-mid ’90s with a really amazing interpretation of what being “indie” was back then. They play a show tonight at Cakeshop.

The next band is Apache Beat and they played the Modular Records party this weekend where over 1,600 people were on the RSVP list. Every time I have heard their name mentioned lately it is usually followed by “they are the Klaxons favorite band” – which is true. About their music, it post punk meets dreamy noise pop – where upbeat songs have a tinge of smokiness.

Check them both out – the links go to their myspace pages where you can hear some amazing MP3s – who knows, soon these bands may be the next big things…

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