Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

blood for free

I just wanted to alert some of you to an amazing band that I have been in love with since their incarnation several years ago. I think I was at their first few shows and always dragged friends out to other shows as schedules permitted. This amazing band is Free Blood and they are 2 members of the band !!! so yes, dancing is expected. As for their sound, they have a grimy, groovy, shake your hips and get on down kind of sound with a splash of soul tossed in for good measure. The reason I am writing about them now is that they have a super limited EP coming out soon and if you blink you will miss it – and I don’t want that to happen to you! Click here to read all about the EP. I am sad that “I’ll Sic my Friends on You” didn’t make the cut for the EP but oh well. Below is a short clip of Free Blood live with the lights out. Can you guess who the voice is in the background? (Hint: he is in one of their other bands).

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