Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

i wasn’t hallucinating

A few months ago I was walking to the train on my way to work and running a bit late. Ok, maybe a lot late, but I digress… On this particular day, I happen to glance at the bagel shop near the subway station and see this person chillaxing by the window, drinking coffee, and “reading” a book. This wasn’t as normal as it sounds because the person was wearing an orange knit full body suit that was shaped to contour their whole body. I saw this and did a double take. As a knitter, I noted the pretty impressive shaping going on. I also felt like a person who claimed to see the Loch Ness Monster – I was sure I had seen that but it was so weird and I was in such a rush that I also doubted myself – until now! I was browsing blogs this morning and now have proof it was real! Behold, Joshua Dalsimer who was the man behind this photo set up. Click his site to check them out. And thanks to Neatorama for posting about it!

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