Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

bacon flowchart

People are crazy obsessed with bacon. I don’t get it but it has an allure to many. So much so that someone decided to make an intricate flowchart about their bacon love.

Click here for the larger version.

3 Responses to bacon flowchart

  1. GrannyGrump says:

    Bacon! It’s what you get when Man and God work hand in hand! It is a masterpiece of culinary engineering!

    But you have to get good American bacon, not that silly round Canadian bacon or — worse yet — Korean “bacon” that is just bacon-shaped pseudo-Spam.

  2. have you seen this says:

    haha totally!

  3. Ben of Bacon says:

    Bacon is beastly, and this is awesomely beastly! Bacon will give every one eternal happiness