Sunday, April 13th, 2008

get on the train

This video has been floating around the internet all week. It is of rush hour in Japan and the men who are paid to get people into the trains. They literally pack them in like sardines. It makes me feel not so bad about my commute here on the train in the mornings…

I hope the trains are sufficiently air-conditioned!

4 Responses to get on the train

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was there recently…they are NOT air conditioned! You can only hope to stand near the door and get air when the doors open!

  2. have you seen this says:

    OMG! remind me *not* to ever go there in the summer! :x

  3. yyz says:

    The men are called: ‘Packers.’ It is their job to stuff the cars to capacity and beyond so that they can run the subway system, in their minds, efficiently! This tells me however, that the transit system must be short on cars. And as many train manufacturers are in Japan an China, they should invest in more cars to relieve overcrowding on the existing system.

  4. have you seen this says:

    absolutely – more cars or more frequent trains would certainly help alleviate that problem. I can only imagine the injuries people could sustain being shoved into a train!