Sunday, May 11th, 2008

its a match

Shia LaBouf was the host of Saturday Night Live and one of the sketches spoofed the popular game born from the 70s The Match Game. In it, the host has been murdered and the panel is questioned by a detective. Shia plays a magician and looks like Oates’ twin brother from the Yacht Rock series. For that alone, you must see.

4 Responses to its a match

  1. Anonymous says:

    d00d! Shia was playing 70′s gay-hippie-disco magician Doug Henning. Obviously, you didn’t watch the Muppet Show as a child or you’d have known that.

    Thanks for posting the vid!

  2. Mary Ann says:

    i was convinced he was gallagher and there would be some watermelon smashing involved.

  3. have you seen this says:

    I know, I was thinking Gallagher too! Totally forgot about Doug Henning.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Actually most of the people on the panel were modeled after B-list celebs who frequented either match game or Hollywood Squares. However, for some reason they didn't use the stars real names. Clearly the stars are supposed to be (Top to bottom, left to right) Brett Somers, Paul Lynde, Bernadete Peters (?), Marcia Wallace (the secretary from The Bob Newhart Show), Nipsey Russell, and Doug Henning (who was NOT gay).