Sunday, December 7th, 2008

did he do what I think he just did…?

This is one of those SNL shorts that is just sooo bad but also sooo funny at the same time. It is about guys that have a – well – problem if you will. The J**z in my pants song I guess is what they call it. Check out cameos by Molly Sims and Justin Timberlake (who is in a crazy wig) and Andy’s bros from The Lonely Island. The dudes faces here are the WORST! OMG.

One Response to did he do what I think he just did…?

  1. Kaitis says:

    I really like this blog :) I saw this a couple hours ago. The idea was lame, and all the digital shorts lately have been dumb songs. But i love anything with Andy Samberg so, I laughed.