Saturday, January 10th, 2009

tiddy bear

OK this is a serious WTF REALLY?! It is a bear with a strap that has quite the suggestive name and is supposed to make seat belt straps more comfortable. Again, REALLY? Watch the commercial and see for yourself. When I found this I thought it was a frat boy prank with the close up and suggestive shots, but no, its real.

So you can either adjust the strap yourself or be lazy and have a bear snuggle up on your boobs.

3 Responses to tiddy bear

  1. Anonymous says:

    ok, you pervs, it was made by a breast cancer survivor to make the seatbelt more comfortable during surgery/treatment.

  2. TIDDYBEAR says:

    Funny…….my screen name has been TIDDYBEAR for 14 years now!

  3. İhanet says:

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